Glory or Shame

DING! Grats

The party starts off this episode, with some basic work with Onblem creating what turns out to be a ferris wheel . and the party gets 10 gold, however the ranger who was given the gold chose to not give the fighter his share and then the fighter forgot. However the LG pali and cleric give him gold from their wages. the LG sees no issue in stealing gold from party members (cough evil act cough cough) as does the NG ranger.

the next day there is apparently an execution, er i mean trial, and there is a girl who is accused for creating the heresy in the south. The pali detects evil on the woman and does not appear to be evil, then goes back to watching sponge bob… the woman is burned alive and to get everyone’s mind off of the grim execution the caravan throws a carnival for the town as a farewell.

That night the caravan take off to the next town. few days on the road and the party does not get a single encounter… ffs… eventually they come across a fork in the road where it appears the road continues but is poorly concealed. The caravan catches up and has the Alpha and Bravo teams split up and go down each. The party eventually comes across the remains of a glassed town. Ready to pack it in all but the paladin want to leave, however the paladin feeling it his duty to figure out why sees a trail and investigates. The party reluctantly follows.

They come across magical darkness as identified by the Magus. venturing into the darkness against the rangers protests, the party discovers a small white totem in the darkness after some searching. The cleric destroys it and the blackness fades, the party finds another path and finds another Darkness totem and again destroys it. at this point half of the party goes back to the caravan to report in while the paladin and magus decided to stay and search, imminently after the other three leave the magus and paladin look at each other and say fuck it and leave too.

The party reports back to Rimgar who asks if they could track down some food. The ranger leaves with the cleric to track a deer while the fighter, magus and paladin go back from where they came from to investigate further.

The magus paladin fighter find the last of the dark circles and destroy it this time finding a note written on some leather in Abyssal /Infernal .

mean while the ranger/cleric find and track the deer only to see that it has been caught and is being eaten by a bugbear. The rangers chooses to flee and the cleric follows suit.

The caravan moves away from the bugbears and settles an hour or so down the road.

few days later the party arrives to a new town, Standforth, which is seems to be on lock-down during the night. The party eats dinner and goes to bed.

The next day the magus/cleric/paladin all do their praying shit. while the fighter blows the bartender for 6 gold, and does about 6 gold worth of work. the party meets up after the bartender finishes and head out to the executions. There seems to be a large crowed that shows up for these executions, and the trial starts, seemingly 100 or so people are marched onto the stage for their trial and subsequent executions by flame throwers. the gathering turns into musical performance to keep the population calm and distract them from thinking too hard about what is going on. During the consort the fighter eats out a chick terribly and talks her into getting date raped by the bartender for 4 gold (cough cough not chaotic but evil act cough cough)

the party then levels up.


I think I was with in chaotic.

A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn’t strive to protect others’ freedom.

DING! Grats

that was less about freedom and more about getting something you want, by using/taking advantage of another person against their wishes.

you could argue it was chaotic evil if you wish but it was almost the definition of evil in d&d.

DING! Grats

ok – chaotic would do something like break curfew,
CG would say something like “there are people who need my help i must go”,
CN " it is worth the risk" because the money is really good or his friends are in trouble,
CE " i do what i want, and i can run faster than my party so i won’t get caught they will"

DING! Grats
Derrick Derrick

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