Glory or Shame


the group started off in different areas around town. met up at the gate to go see CPT Briteem. They found their escort SGT Sanders, who took the party to the Church where the team was lead to a hidden room that was coated in darkness. There the CPT told the team about their role in the up coming events. The group was informed that the Disciple of Khorne was last seen creating havoc at one of the boarders to the bad lands, tearing a hole in the defenses. The Disciple of Nurgle was headed south, and was creating an army of the undead as he traveled. Slannesh has taken over the ruins of an ancient wood elf city (the people of Lint) and little is known of his plans. While the disciple of Tzeench is missing.

The party was told they would be inducted into the Grey Knights as recruits, and would work their way up the ranks into becoming scouts, then Brothers of the Grey Knights. This is of course hush hush and no one is allowed to know what exactly the grey knights do.

The party underwent a oath swearing and underwent purity rituals etc. the final step to the process was to bear the mark of the Grey Knights initiates. All in the party were brought to their knees during this, but Garrett was knocked out completely. There was concern about his loyalty to the Emperor and the possibility to be come corrupted with the taint of chaos.

There was some heart to hearts with the clerics of the grey knights and Garrett became fully aware of his role in life, along with giving him meaning to his existence after everyone from his past had abandoned him in one way or another. Bringing the name of the emperor to the masses was a goal of his.

The party finally meet up again for the Unity Festival inside the T1 area. After several hours a sudden BOOM echos through the court yard, a figure seeming to have 2 birds heads floats above the crowd, 20ft radius of people at the celebrations are dead around her, she says something to the people, mean while CPT Briteem and the commissars charge her. She summons 3 blue bolts of energy and it hits 2 judisars and the CPT. The 2 judisars go down immediately but the CPT’s armor seems to absorb the blast. Then she belts out smoke and when it clears she is gone.

After the chaos of what had happend dies down the party asks CPT what to do, they are given their supplies (1k rations horse feed and 1 bag of holding for the party) They are instructed to go to a fort near the Borsef Forest, and find SGT …. and get further instructions from him.

The part sets off, the first night in travel the party is attacked at night by a Ogre who attack the horses first, then the fighter mounts up and charges the ogre, the rangers fills it with arrows, and the magus hits is with spells. But the Ogre hits back nearly one shotting Garretts new 400gp horse but the team takes care of it before he gets another attack.

The next night again the party is attacked by an Ogre and again the Ogre starts off the attack by attacking the horses. This time the party knew to stay away from its range as best they could but the Ogre lasts longer but had little hope.

3 more days pass with the party traveling. They come across a small mining village, where the party just planed to resupply and move on. However the party comes across the town priest who is tending to many infected miners. The party being recruits is obligated to help those in need so long as it does not interfere with orders, still the ranger wanted to say fuck innocent people they can all rot for all i care i want to get back on the road, and garrett feeling the need to be the champion for the Emperor decides to help.

Of course this mean finding the one guy who is helping the sick and threaten him to go into the mine. Which the priest refuses to do. The party eventually goes into the cave and it become follow the leader around and around and around the cave eventually they come across a pack of rats that were dispatched easily. The rats where gnawing on something, turned out to be a human hand in a burlap bag.

after more getting lost under ground, the part comes across a room filled with broken tables etc. in there the party find a young girl who seems to be hiding from the party, she is frightened. eventually Garrett talks with her and calms her down, turns out that the priest had her giving these body parts to the rats down here. To infect the rats who would then infect the miners.

The party leave the mine with the girl ready to confront the priest, but the priest confronts the party at the entrance of the mine. This does not allow the ranger and cleric much room to maneuver, when the 6 zombies start to surround the party. The magus and fighter split off from the main group taking with them the majority of the zombies. 3 zombies on the fighter 2 on the magus and 1 head towards the cleric/ranger. while the priest summons a hyena on to the fighter. The fight goes on for a while everyone does lots of damage to the zombies but zombies are durable Lint gets off a really strong shot on to the priest getting him near death, but still manages to get off 3 arrows of darkness onto the fighter dealing something like 18 damage to him. Finally the magus brings down the priest leaving only one zombie left, and of course the zombie crits Garrett putting him 1 damage below his con mod making him insta dead no chance to be stabilized.

bodies have not been looted.


Derrick Derrick

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