Glory or Shame

Babies and heresy

The party starts off sending the fighter to Moriece who informed the fighter they he is owed some money, the fighter then offers all that he has but Moriece says that it is just a start. The fighter offered to work for Moriece, which the only thing he needed help with is clearing the route to the south of the annoyingly aggressive wild life.

While leaving the gambling center the group run across the Pali who has been given a vision by his god to kill the evil of the Fish god. – does not have knowledge religion so he does not know what the symbol means. – after talking to the party about Moriece and the magic to the south he decided destroying the evils would be better suited for his cause.

The party gathers together and after some effort and a trip to the museum of awesome deeds done by the fighter., the party finds a giant fly guarding the entrance to a cave leading to a bear corpse filled with 3 giant fly maggots. one got a sneak attack on the magis and another threw up on the ranger making him sick. after the fight the continues to find a corrupted Animal Affinity sigil and a soapstone carving of the fish with an eye. the fighter destroys the sigil but ruining the writing even without knowledge arcane.

the party debated over what they should do next for a while. Finally the party splits in two. One group, Cleric fighter and ranger, go back to Moriece telling him that the deed is done, but brought no proof with them only through explanation of the symbol and a corroborated story about arcane sigil did Moriece believe them and then offered them a place to stay while he fact checked their claims. Meanwhile the Pali and Magis talk to the main butler of the Judisar of the town about Heresy in the cave, the butler assumes they are drunks or morons until Moriece’s man comes with a note asking for the Judisar with claims of heresy.

The butler gets the judisar who immediately wants to be taken to the place of heresy when heresy is confirmed he teleports away. The Pali and Magis fearing to go back into town make camp outside of town.

Back at Moriece’s the group is finally called out from where they were located and come face to face with Judisar Mr.Williams , Moriece and other honored members of the town. Each having claimed the the party had aided them in some way, the judisar finds out that there was a girl in the bar few weeks ago who seemed to get upset with those who where loyal to the Emperor she is young with long raven hair.

Fearing for their lives too the fighter ranger and cleric grab Cola and sleep in a big pile excluding the new pali. The dwarf gets shit faced and pukes into the fire.

The party wakes up thinking the town would be burned however it was not. The party then goes back to the tavern they are staying at to recoup and eat. The Ranger goes to get his +1 str to his bow and is without a bow for the day. The rest of the group go to the gambling place and gamble the dwarf wins 10 gold then loses 30 then wins 20 the fighter starts to tell people about the big spider he killed this goes on fairly unsuccessfully until Cola asks if he would like more people to know about it. She sings a song and the place goes quite and she tells the story of the brave fighter and beautiful magis. who together slew the giant child eating spider.

After she is done the place erupts with congratulations and thanks to the fighter and magis buying drinks and even giving some silver. Which the fighter bets on a cock and loses.

Word travels fast and the party chills at the tavern until the church nightlife wakes up and when they go the fighter is mobbed by towns folk praising him. He dances poorly with some women, then masterfully with the Pali. The Ranger is pulled aside by onblem who says good job about the credit and is offering money to finish his project, also the ranger finds some strange and takes her back to his place while the dwarf finds a dwarf lady to hook up with in “her place”, the dwarf is above average and leave her, where as the Ranger apparently was his first time. it does not last long nor was it any good. the pali sees her as she leave and hits on her having mediocre sex but with crazy stamina. when he wore her out she wants to smoke a J but the pali kicks her out – her name is misty – she says fuck it and leave the ranger sees this and smokes with her. The dwarf coming back from his lay sees this and gets high too.

Meanwhile the magis has sex with Cola again and it is again average. However she rolls double ones and gets pregnant with twins rolled another 1 and they are both retarded. turns out she was the sister of the two retards Richard and Robert. he twin will be born on july 14 – it is now oct 7.

Cola tries to sit beside the magis between him and the ranger, the ranger tries to molest her but she avoids his advances and leaves to get the food. the magis and the ranger have a feud over who just happened when Cola is seen by everyone except the pali who was staring at a wall, but damn is he pretty, Cola do something weird with the rangers food. the ranger throws it, the magis asks why did she cast poison egg on his friend the fighter tries to defend her and everyone starts fighting so Cola starts to sing forcing everyone to shut up.


Derrick Derrick

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